Belgian Producer
Insound Co Founder
Mater Record Label
Director Analog Artist


Jimmy Van M (born Jimmy Van Malleghem) is a DJ of progressive house and downtempo music. He was a large part of the "Delta Heavy Tour" with Sasha & John Digweed, in addition to performing with many other DJs, such as James Zabiela and Lee Burridge. He has released a few singles as well as mix albums on Ultra Records and Bedrock Records. He is more known for his warm up set than his peak time performances. Jimmy Van M was born in Belgium, but moved to Orlando, Florida in the United States at age 10.  In 1995, he founded the Balance Promote Group, a DJ booking agency and record pool.In 2000, he released his first mix compilation Trance Nation America and followed this up with 2001's Bedrock: Compiled & Mixed album. His third album, Balance 010 of EQ / Stomp's Balance series, is a three disc compilation featuring a "downtempo" disc, a "midtempo" disc, and an "uptempo" disc, with the tempo building throughout the three. The first disc starts at 65 beats per minute and the third ends at 126 beats per minute.





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Matter - Sacrifce EP

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